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The Adom Society

The Adom Society is a non-profit making registered corporate society for the training, education and maintenance of young people talented in traditional music and dance. The society was founded in 1980. Its director is Dr. Daniel Amponsah (Koo Nimo) who has been seeking out talented young people to whom he can pass on his knowledge of traditional music and dance. In many cases he has educated and maintained these future custodians of the Akan culture from his own limited sources. A group of friends therefore decided to establish the Adom society to assist in this work, considering that all those who have a genuine concern for the preservation and development of traditional music and dance have also an obligation to help in this task.

Trustees: Rt. Rev. Dr. P.A. Sarpong, Prof . F.A. Kufuor, D.F. Annan, Prof. W.N. Laing, L. Nylander, N.N. Amar-Nuno-Amartefio, V.A. Sackey

For further information please contact: The Adom Society, P.O. Box 557, UST Post Office, Kumasi, Ghana

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