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African Association of Physics Students
The AAPS is an African, non-political, non-governmental, non-profit-making, student-run educational association. It comprises of students and recent graduates who are interested in physics. The purpose of the organisation is to encourage physics students in their scientific and professional work in an African and and international context as well as to promote relations between physics students from all over the world. The AAPS is committed to supplement physics education with an international scientific experience and it is affiliated with Physics societies and departments. AAPS is open to all persons committed to physics.
University of Benin, Nigeria
Information about the Registration Portal @
This website is a temporary space to inform students and staff about the new Student Registartion Portal of the University of Benin City in Nigeria.
Department of Music
University of Cape Coast, Ghana
The Department of Music was founded in 1974 to train music teachers for Ghana's Secondary Schools. In recent years, the scope of the Department has been expanded to include the preparation of students for the music industry, the entertainment and hospitality industry focusing in an in-depth study of African Music. The mission of the Department of Music is to create an environment that will enhance the preparation of creative and innovative musicians who are well grounded in African musical traditions as well as music from other cultures particularly music from the Western world. The Department aims at equipping her products with the knowledge and skills that would enable them face the musical challenges of contemporary Ghana. In Ghana today, there are four main musical trends, viz. religious music, popular music, art music and traditional African music. Though the Department provides opportunities for the training of students in these areas, her focus of attention is on the provision of skills and knowledge in African music.
Educational Assessment and Research Centre
The Educational Assessment and Research Centre, a non-governmental organisation, has been establishment to promote the development of Education in Africa as a whole, and Ghana in particular.
Ghana-German InterCultural Students' Association
It is a fundamental fact that without global co-operation among countries, there can be no development for all. It is against this backdrop that Ghana-Germany Intercultural Students' Association is formed to be used as an organ to bring the different cultures of Ghana and Germany in harmony with another especially at the student front. We intend among other things to bring German culture to the door step of Ghana and Ghanaian culture at the door step of Germany.
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