African Conference for Physics Students 2005

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15/11/2005 00:00 to
18/11/2005 00:00
Abuja, Nigeria
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The conference is open to all physics students from 1st year students to Ph.D.s and we encourage all participants to give a lecture or bring a poster. You can find plenty of more information about the conference on our web site ( where you will also find the conference programme and the registration form.

Some registration details - very important!

The pre-registration begins and goes on until the 15th of June 2005. You MUST pre-register within this time in order participate at the ACPS! Your pre-registration is not binding, but must be confirmed within the period of 1st July - 30th of August 2005 in order to be considered in the further registration process. Due to limited capacity, only 250 people can attend the conference. We will select the lucky few from those who have confirmed their registration. We will use the following selection criteria:

  • The geographical representation: We prefer to have 250 people from 25 different countries, instead of 250 people from 10 different countries.
  • The contribution. To strengthen the scientific programme we will favour those people who sign up to give a presentation.
  • In the cases where none of the above criteria seem to work we will select the participants after the principle "first come, first served". This means that the time of your pre-registration might make a difference!

You can register by choosing "sign up" at our website, Please do not make more than one profile. When you have obtained a login you can fill out the registration form. Not all fields have to be filled out right away. We encourage you to arrange the payment together with other people from your country. This will lower you bank expenses and ease our administration of the payments. In the registration form you can choose to pay for a group and subsequently other people can choose to pay through you. Please note that you must accept to pay for a group before other participants can pay through you.

Have a good look at the website, and if you still have any questions, please

We hope to see you in Abuja in mid-November for the ACPS!

Best wishes,

The Organising Committee

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