Appeal for the BAPMAF Highlife-Music Institute

John Collins

The Highlife-Music Institute will be situated on the property of John Collins on the main Accra Kumasi highway eight miles north of central Accra and ten miles from the main Kotoka International Airport.

The basic structure of the premises for the institute have already been built and will provide space for:

  • Seminar and lecture rooms for classes of up to 30 people
  • Library and historical archives storage facilities
  • Education unit, including distance teaching facilities
  • Website accessible to libraries and universities
  • Public gallery for the already existing BAPMAF Highlife Photographic Exhibition and other materials currently being collected by BAPMAF on Ghanaian/African performing arts
  • Digital Documentation and Data-Base for digitising the existing analogue music recordings, photographs and documents in the BAPMAF holdings
  • Multi-media laboratory for on-going documentation, music recordings. ‘talking heads’ interviews and distance teaching lectures

Furthermore there is and additional 3,000 sq ft of adjacent land belonging to John Collins available for future BAPMAF development.

Below are details and estimated costs of the initial three year Phase One of the BAPMAF development plan.

Specific Needs


The BAPMAF development project will involve the upgrading and renovation of the approximately 2,400 square feet of existing built premises


Satellite dish and system. A large permanent diesel generator. PC for office computer, telephones, e-mail, fax machines, safe, filing cabinets, office printers, photostat machines, office furnishings and partitions.


Large DAT machines and other equipment for digitization and digital storage facilities. PC for data-base for photographic material (plus one for back-up). PC for data-base for audio material (plus one for back-up). CD ROM equipment. Analogue to digital recorder. Digital still camera. CD/ Cassette players and turntables. Revox/TEAC reel-to-reel machines. Professional printers and high resolution flatbed scanners: both large-size (poster etc.) and small-size (slides and cine film). This is a high priority project due to the unstable nature of the old BAPMAF analogue archives


Audio-visual room to also record illustrated lectures for distance teaching.. Slide-projector, overhead-projectors and screen, cassette/CD sound system, individual listening equipment (cassette decks, double cassette decks, headphones). DVD and VCR with 30 inch monitors on trollies. LCD projector. Equipment for 6 audio-visual booths for general public with three pentium 3/4 PC terminals and three cd/cassette players.


Mac 5 computer with full video editing facilities. Mac 5 computer for audio editing with recording and music software programs. Work station consisting of 16-track digital recording/mixing desk, microphones, keyboard, 8-track DAT sequencer, monitors, effects, graphic equalizers microphones, mastering equipment, etc. Midi equipment. Musical equipment. Cassette/CD players. DAT recorders/players (large one and portable ) plus blank c.d.’s and DAT tapes. 2 Professional Walkman, 2 dicta-phones and double cassette players. Cassette high speed duplicating equipment and fast commercial CD burners. Blue screen and film/video dubbing facilities.1 video and 1 DVD player with large and small monitors.1 video camera (3-chip SONY/Cannon) with tripod.

Time span of the project from receiving financial assistance

  • Initial renovation/structural changes to building: Six months
  • Installation/setting up of equipment: Six months
  • Period of full external funding: Two Years
  • Period of mainly self-financing (see below): Indefinite

Self financing activities after the initial three-year period

After the initial one year of renovation and installation and two years of fully funded running costs The BAPMAF HIGHLIFE-MUSIC INSTITUTE plans to become largely self-operating. Although much of the work will be provided free (or highly subsidized) there will be earned income from the following sources:-

  • Revenues from the audio and video studio that besides doing archival work and providing assistance to up and coming artists will also undertake some commercial work and public rental of studio space and time .
  • Revenues and royalties from production of recordings (cassettes, CD’s , videos, DVD’s etc), and photographic/literary publications by BAPMAF.
  • BAPMAF consultancy and facilitator fees for various art projects.
  • Fees from visiting scholars, professional artists and researchers who utilize the BAPMAF resources.
  • Fees from foreign tourists and researchers who visit the BAPMAF HIGHLIFE-MUSIC INSTITUTE and its photographic and artistic gallery.
  • Fees from organizing workshops, presentations and seminars for foreign visitors and researchers – both at the BAPMAF HIGHLIFE-MUSIC INSTITUTE Headquarters or elsewhere in Ghana and abroad.
  • Donations, grants and awards from philanthropic organizations and individuals.
  • Income for distance teaching via web link-ups.
  • Revenues/royalties/licenses for use of BAPMAF digitized materials.

Costs (US$, utilising existing premises)


  • Renovation of established location (structural layout, grounds, plumbing, architectural design/contractor costs, etc) 16,000
  • Interior Design (air-conditioners, toilets, furnishings, sound proofing, etc) 16,000
  • Office Equipment 5,000
  • Audio visual Studio and Band Equipment 48,000
  • 30-50 kilowatt generator 5,000
  • Vehicle (home second hand) 8,000
  • Satellite and Website 10,000
  • Digitalisation equipment (computers, scanners printers analogue/digital facilities) 18,000
  • Education Equipment 10,000

Sub-total 136,000


  • Salaries x 3: Director, technical assistant (6 months) and non-technical person 14,000
  • Connecting and using electricity, water, telephone, etc. 5,000
  • Travel and transport local, and abroad in connection with acquisitions 5,000

Sub-total 24,000


  • Salaries x 3: Director, technical assistant and one non-technical person 16,000
  • Property maintenance(electricity, water, satellite rent, taxes, telephone, website, etc) 5,000
  • Equipment maintenance/spare-parts/accessories/blank tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, etc) 5,000
  • Travel internal 3,000

(Annual sub-total 29,000)

Sub-total 58,000

Grand-total 218,000

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