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Koo Nimo
and the Adadam Agofomma Group, Kumasi, Ghana
Ghana's foremost exponent of acoustic guitar highlife and folk music.
Ghana Popular Music 1931-1957
UTC Records in Switzerland
A pilot project which aims at preserving and digitising an important collection of music from Ghana and Nigeria held at Basel, Switzerland. Presented by Veit Arlt.
Samuel Kwabena Nyama
Palm Wine Musician from Asonomase, Ghana
Samuel Kwabena Nyama lives in New Asonomase, a town situated near the Asante capital Kumase in the centre of Ghana. 77 years old Nyama plays the rural form of palm wine music, the so called Akan-Blues (Odonson) which developed when the new music stiles from the coast met with the Asante recreational music. His lyrics are full of proverbs from the Akan culture. Presented by Veit Arlt.
Donald Kachamba
Kwela Musician from Chileka, Malawi
Donald Kachamba, born in Blantyre, in 1953, was considered one of the outstanding musician-composers of the middle generation in south-eastern Africa. Born in a musical family he has contributed enormously to the development of the kwela (flute-jive) tradition.
Basel Mission Picture Archive (external link)
A unique collection of historical pictures of the former Basel Mission society (now mission 21). More than 28'000 photographs (and engravings) taken in the various mission fields during the years between 1850 and 1950 have been digitalised. They are linked to a comprehensive database, containing all information available on each picture, its photographer and the depicted object or person. This may be the first time, that such an important European collection has been made accessible to the people in the countries were the pictures were taken. The archives of mission 21 invite you to explore this unique resource and to start an inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue on the pictures and the past.
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